Working on a Saturday…

When you’re working on a Saturday, about to call it a day and someone drives by and screams “FAG!” 

You turn to get their plate number and just catch yourself from flipping them off…


“I’m trying to do business here!!!”

I feel like this is a continuation of yesterday’s post…

It was the end of the day and I was walking back to the station. I was walking by that lot that had been paved. There were cones blocking the entry way, because it hadn’t been lined yet.

Some giant red sedan had pulled up onto the sidewalk, around the cones, and parked there.

I couldn’t help but think “really???”

I started to write a ticket when a heavyset man, carrying a huge bag, came out of Brueggers. He looked pissed.

He said “Hey, what are you doing? I’m trying to do business here!!!”

I said “Yeah and you’re parked on the sidewalk.”

He asked “Where do you expect me to park?”

I turned around and pointed to other spots and said “Anywhere but here. There are legal spots around… You’re getting the ticket.”

He replied “Shove it up your ass!!!”

I said “I don’t think it’ll fit up there.”

Then he slammed his car door and started to back up. I had to move out of the way, so he wouldn’t hit me.

I was standing next to his car and asked “Do you want your ticket?” He didn’t even look at me. 

Then I said “Ok, I’ll just mail it to you then.” And he drove away. 

Now the title of this blog is finally starting to make sense, isn’t it?