Jersey Shore…

I was just walking down the street, trying to finish my day off, when a car pulled up and the driver asked if he could have a couple minutes of my time. 

I recognized the plate as a car that I had ticketed earlier, but I decided to humor him and agreed anyway.

He was pretty jacked up, with two fully sleeved arms, he looked like he could very easily join the cast of Jersey Shore.

He approached me with his ticket in hand and said “I’m the manager of the dry cleaners and they’re paving the lot today. I got this ticket earlier and was wondering if you could do anything to help me out?”

I said “You were in a 1 hour spot for 2 hours.”

He said “Come on buddy, I’ve been working in this city for years and the lot is being paved.”

I said “How long have you been manager there for?”

He said “8 years.”

I asked “Do you have a permit?”

He asked “What good would that do?”

And I said “You could park down the street in the permit parking.”

He said “Listen buddy, I don’t drive to work just so I can walk.”

I said “Well I guess you pay your $20 ticket then.”

If this were on a TV show, there would have been a lot of bleeps after that as he told me what he thought of me. One interesting thing he said was “At least my job helps society. You’re just a nuisance.”

I told him to have a great day and walked away.

Needless to say, I will not be doing business with that dry cleaners in the future…


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