Chinese food…

When you have a craving for Chinese food and decide to order from the local restaurant. You get the order confirmation in your email and 20 minutes later your brother goes to pick it up. 

When he gets there they tell him that they never got the order. Your brother shows them the confirmation email, then they change their story and claim that they have the order but didn’t cook it because they were never paid. 

By this point he’s been in the restaurant for 15 minutes and he tells them that it’s not his money and he has to call you. He steps outside and calls. 

You check your bank and confirm that the charge never went through and wonder why they couldn’t just charge the card that you gave them online like you have numerous times before.

You decide to cut your losses and order from somewhere else, because this restaurant has now been giving you the run around for 40 minutes.

You decide on Thai and order it from Door Dash. 

Minutes later you receive a call from the Chinese restaurant telling you that they cooked your food. It is now a half hour since your brother left, telling them not to do anything until he told them to.

You tell them to cancel the order and the man on the phone argues with you, until asking to speak to your brother. He then continues to argue with your brother and claim things that never happened until finally agreeing to cancel the order.

Needless to say, we need to find a new Chinese food restaurant…


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