I was walking down the street today, in the city, when a couple black guys walked by me & said “There’s honkies everywhere around here.” They looked right at me & again said “Honkies everywhere.”

I grabbed my gf’s hand & walked the other direction.

This post isn’t going to be a race bait, & I’m not going to refer to them as anything harsher than assholes.

I think it’s really sad to be honest. Not just sad that they’re ignorant, but sad that our country has reached this point.

If we truly believe in equality, then we, as a whole, need to stop pointing out each other’s differences. Then & only then will we be united…



‚ÄčI’m rolling down the street, stuck in traffic, when a motorcycle sped by me on my left (in the white hash marks).

I said to myself “Jeez buddy are you dumb as fuck?” then I paused for a second and said “or a fucking genius?”