Wrong side…

I came across a car that was blatantly parked, the wrong direction, right in front of the post office.

I got ready to write the ticket, when two guys walked up to me. One of them asked me, with a thick accent, “What are you doing?”

I said “Tell me why you’re getting a ticket.”

He looked frantically at his friend and looked back at me. I said again “Tell me why you think you’re getting a ticket.”

He was asking his friend what was going on, when his friend told me “He just moved here from Spain.”

I kind of chuckled a little bit, then, when he calmed down for a minute, I put my hand on his shoulder and said “You need to make sure that you to stay to the right of the yellow lines and next time to park on the other side of the street.”

He said that he came down the street, saw that spot open, and turned into it.

I said “It’s ok, just remember for next time.” I turned to his friend, who was American, and said “You let him park like this?”

He told me that he wasn’t with him when he parked and that they had just met up.

I said “Have a nice day guys.” and left. It would blow your mind how often I see cars park that way there like that…