Walked into CVS to buy new earbuds for work. Told the woman behind the counter that I needed the cheapest earbuds they had with a mic, that weren’t pink.

She looked for a minute and found a pair that were Phillips, black, & cost $23.99. She took another look in a different section & found a pair with a mic for $9.99, but of course they were pink.

Needless to say, I’ll be enjoying music today on my new pink earbuds…


Mexican place…

So we went into a Mexican place in San Juan last night. There were maybe 12 of us. I definitely got the feeling that they weren’t used to equipping groups our size. It felt more like a bar that served food, rather than an actual restaurant.

Mostly everyone had been drinking, some more than others. When they attempted to order more drinks, that’s where it got interesting.

The bar was out of some key elements of drinks and though they apologized, some of the people we were with were not so forgiving. I don’t think this was necessarily that they had too much to drink, but more of their personally traits.

One girl ordered a drink, they didn’t have mint, so she had to get a margarita. She was very vocal about how much she disliked it. Enough so that the whole table could hear. The waitress overheard and thought that she was talking about the water. She responded and I could tell by the attitude that she was really offended:

“You know it is safe to drink the water here. This isn’t like Mexico. We’re part of the US here. It’s not going to get you sick. I eat and drink this water everyday and I’m still alive.”

With a similar attitude the girl responded:

“Oh, I know. I’ve been drinking plenty of water since Thursday and I haven’t gotten sick.”

Example Two:
The other girl we were with ordered some mixed drink that needed rum. Unfortunately, they were out of rum. She ordered another drink that required mint, again this was something they were out of. Third time was the charm. The waitress came back and asked if she was happy with her drink and she replied that she would’ve been happy if she had her first drink.

It was at that point that I kind of wished I could just get up and leave, because giving the waitstaff an attitude really is never cool, but definitely not before you get your food.

I was worried the whole time I was waiting for my food. I had been sweet as pie, but that didn’t make me feel any better. One by one, the food started to come out. There was a mix up or two, but for the most part everyone was happy.

Everyone had gotten their food and I was sitting there with an empty place in from of me. I had ordered a before burrito and subbed out the mushrooms for guac. I was kind of hoping that they wouldn’t bring me anything, because I didn’t really trust it at this point.

Nearly everyone had finished eating by the time my food came out. I noticed that one of the chefs was standing by the kitchen, staring at me. It may have been in my head, but it still had my mind wondering. I cut my burrito in half and immediately noticed that it was drenched in sour cream. That’s something I genuinely hate and it was not listed as an ingredient on the menu, but I wouldn’t dare saying anything by this point. That didn’t make me feel better. I ate half of it and it was ok. I bit into the second half and noticed a texture that didn’t belong. I spit it onto my plate and realized that it was a hunk of meat. I was done eating at that point…

There really isn’t moral to this story. I was as nice as I could be and was pretty much the only one who got fucked over. Sometimes things just suck…


I just had a very vivid dream with my dad in it. It only lasted a couple minutes and had nothing to do with the fact that he’s gone, but it felt so real. I wish I could go back to sleep and fall back into it, but I realize that isn’t how it works.

I was gonna post this on Facebook, but Facebook doesn’t deserve this post.


I was sitting in my hotel room in Puerto Rico, watching the Flash on my computer, just hanging out.

I heard an ungodly noise coming from outside our room. I took a look outside and realized that it was raining harder than I’d ever seen in my life.

I went back to watching my show, when it suddenly sounded like the shower was leaking. I took a peak in the bathroom & realized that we had a full on waterfall coming out of the light fixtures in our ceiling. After walking around the rainforest all day I couldn’t help but be in aww from the marvel of it.

I grabbed a towel and made a poor attempt to stop it, before realizing that I’d probably get electrocuted & decided to let it do its thing.

I called the front desk & told them that water was gushing from the ceiling. I could hear the shock in the man’s voice as he hung up on me.

He came up to my room with another gentleman, took a look in the bathroom, had a “holy shit” expression on his face as he told me that I needed to switch rooms.

Long story, not so short, we’re in a beautiful suite for the rest of our stay.

True story…