When you forget…

Sitting with my gf, thinking about how short the weekend is.

I said “I wish it was Saturday”
She looked at me like a crazy person & said “Are you serious? It is Saturday. Wish granted”


Pimp Walk…

Standing in the shade listening to hip hop, while an old man walks by me with a limp. Can’t help but think that he has a mean pimp walk….


I just had a 15 minute conversation with a woman about the environment & pollution. I was fairly confident that she was insane, but that’s beside the point. I could hardly pay attention to anything she was saying, because she only had one eyebrow & it distracted the hell out of me…

Random 3:52AM thought…

What kind of world are we living in, where “Sharnado” of all movies can score a 82% on Rotten Tomatoes but movies I loved score less then 60%? The audience score on the damn movie is 33%. How does this happen? I’m gonna write this off to it being late & I’m so tired I must be delusional… On that note, more sleep is in order.

The weekend in Newport

I got away with my gf this weekend to Newport, RI. It was a great weekend and just what I needed after Thursday.

We stayed at a local Inn, which I had read was supposedly haunted. That wasn’t why we stayed there at all, but it did interest me.

My gf reserved us two spots on a ghost tour (Friday night) around Newport, which stopped at our Inn the second to last stop. Our tour guide didn’t tell me anything I hadn’t already read online, but it still managed to psych me out more then I knew.

Our last night there was a good/interesting night. The good came with an amazing night out at a local tavern. The interesting was when we went back to the Inn and attempted to sleep.

Our tour guide had told us to take pictures and try to see if we could see anything strange in them. I had been taking random pictures around the Inn ever since. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary in any of them, but I still managed to gets the chills and creep myself out a bit.

When we got back from dinner we watched an episode of a TV show and decided to get some sleep. I found myself drifting off into a very vivid dream where my clothes had moved in the armoire next to our bed and as I looked over to figure out why, a shadowed figure was perched up on the window sill staring at me. I started to freak out and say “oh, God. Oh God. Oh, God” When my gf, seeing me in discomfort, woke me up. It was hard to tell dream from reality for a few minutes before I looked over and everything was back to normal.

Needless to say, I felt like an idiot afterwards.

The aftermath has shown it’s face

Well facebook is officially out now. I was ratted on by someone I trusted & given a reaming that I couldn’t have imagined getting. Now any post that has to do with work will reside here, in my online blog/journal where hope & dreams come to die.

I realize that I did this to myself though. I was so caught up with the situation at hand that I didn’t see I was being set up. We learn from our mistakes though, right?